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This is my first book, you can get it by clicking here:

Planking on Headstones challenges us to think outside of Time. What would it mean if all events in our lives were permanent?

This book is also about love and loss, and why there are such things as mosquitos. I’ve got nothing against God, but a growing number of people want to know where we stand in this squirrelly Universe.

For Western Civilization a lot’s been riding on Jesus, who supposedly straightened everything out 2000 years ago. But if God cares so much, then why do so many predatory assholes remain on this planet? ¬†Why do even the nicest people eventually end up as doddering old geezers ?


The average guy’s 100 years behind when it comes to understanding the mechanics of this Universe, and that’s too bad, because the things we’ve learned over the past century suggest some startling things about who we are and why we are here. I bet you’d like to know more, but first a question.

“Do you want fries with your God?”

That’s right, our story opens with a fast food commercial I saw on TV! This seemingly ridiculous starting point turns out to be the perfect place to begin our journey. Don’t worry though, it’s all explained in my book.

Planking on Headstones, Your Future Outside of Time!


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