Here’s the list of the elite…  the Seal Team Six of individuals who have gone that extra mile to support my Evil Thoughts podcast!

Ronald C-  $50.00

David S. T- $50.00
Nicholas I- $2.50
Hey, Joe. Began listening during your KFI days. Can’t remember if you were there yet when it was doing “Meeting of the Minds” which included Leykis & Limbaugh. Fantastic radio.

Stephen P 1.35

M Lance: pledged $10.00!

Dr. SS  The TXWonder Woman”  pledged $10.00!

Tim H pledged 5.00!

Paul C: pledged $5.00

Dave F: pledged $2.00 “Of course I’m subscribed!  I even slid you a few bucks on Patreon. Long time devoted listener in Phoenix, AZ who is in tune with Joe’s Evil Thoughts!”

Rich J: pledged 1.00 “It’s a privilege to be in your world. I’m a fan from years past. Not that I’m fishing for a band plug but my band JJ Jukebox does fun rock from the 1960s. The stuff the classic bands won’t do. Three of us are also improv comedians so mistakes become part of the act. We play to a bit older crowd and it’s always the “in bed by ten” tour.”

Mike- the Tech guy pledged $1.00

John W: pledged $1.00