4 thoughts on “Trump’s Travel Ban & the Truth about the Courts”

  1. ok cool. this is my new thing: listen to your podcast while crocheting at night before bed 🙂
    also, about this judge in Hawaii, I heard the argument that the guy who brought this case to court isn’t even a refuge, he’s a citizen of the U.S.with a greencard I think, from Egypt… a country not even on the ban! like he has no judicial standing!
    love the guitar
    and you have a good singing voice. lends itself to “rockabilly” for lack of a better description. ever heard the band Girls, Guns and Glory? from Boston. the little snippets of music reminded me of them

  2. You are correct. It is also my understanding the individual “bringing the case” is a U.S. citizen of Egyptian descent.
    And as for my singing voice, Tracy… flattery will get you everywhere. I’m so glad I can accompany you while you crochet into the night!

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