National Geographic’s new series- The story of God.

Typical TV executives: Just because Morgan Freeman played God in a couple of movies, they assume you think he knows something about it.


Enough of the same old re-hash. Here’s some real info:

(originally published 3/18/16)

On Divine Intervention:
It describes a God who ends up like the little boy in the Dutch story, Hans Brinker, sticking his finger in the dike to fix the cracks in his creation. The more contemporary science reveals about the Universe, the more we see an elegant creation, a seamless rollout of emerging systems and increasing complexity¬†from the chaos of the Big Bang. In our case it’s developed into sentient beings sitting around thinking about it!


There are those who make the case against human evolution by citing a lack of fossilized evidence, which is fine, but ignoring 15 billion years of Universal progress seems short sighted to me. This mindset reminds me people who think Aliens cruised Roswell in 1947. The idea that ET came trillions of miles and then leaked gas and oil all over the New Mexican desert before crashing and burning is profoundly depressing. It doesn’t say much for the Future, just as Divine intervention doesn’t say much for God’s transcendent sophistication.

Einstein put it succinctly: “Subtle is the Lord, though not malicious.”


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