The Binary Bitch Slap

I get lots of political posts on Facebook, after all I’ve picked up many friends because I’ve been a talk show host at WABC, KABC, KFI and in Phoenix @ KFYI & KTAR-FM.

On the negative side: relentless right/left bickering

On the positive side: relentless right/left bickering!

Ever notice it all sounds the same? It’s always other guy who’s evil, stupid, hateful, and acts like Hitler. The other guy hates America, too. Face it. He’s a liar and a friggin’ racist.

It’s so much fun to unload with both barrels!

We cherry pick our data, conveniently ignoring anything that taints those with whom we agree. And for those with whom we disagree, well, we’re really good at posting their ugliest photos!

One thing about Trump and Sanders, like political Toto’s, they’ve exposed the controlling mechanics of both political parties.

“Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!”

Maybe it’s a tribal thing from way back, but we definitely buy in to the 2 party bitch slap! It’s never been more obvious than it is now on Facebook. I wonder whether the powers-that-be understand how addicted we really are. Wouldn’t it just suck if they knew how it keeps us distracted?

Clinton's, Bushes, & Obamas on AirForce1
Clintons, Bushes, & Obamas hanging out on Air Force One. Wouldn’t you like to know what they talked about.

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