Social Disease

Political correctness is when something is true, but we’re not allowed to say it, so I get a kick out of the criticism that Donald Trump likes hot babes in bikinis. As if men don’t like hot babes in bikinis, as if most women wouldn’t like to rock the socks off a bikini.

imgres               A fabulous flick I’m sure!

The push back against rampant political correctness is one of the reasons the Orange Demon has a real shot at the White House.



I’m at my desk avoiding political posts on Facebook. The Orange Demon is still pissing everybody off and I like that, so he doesn’t need my help today.



I had a request to play Blackbird. It’s a cool song for a number of reasons, one of them being you only need a singer and an acoustic guitar. The original had a click track, vocal overdubs and some bird sound effects, but most of the time McCartney just stands and delivers.

It’s also the only song where I even fake finger picking.

The Binary Bitch Slap

I get lots of political posts on Facebook, after all I’ve picked up many friends because I’ve been a talk show host at WABC, KABC, KFI and in Phoenix @ KFYI & KTAR-FM.

On the negative side: relentless right/left bickering

On the positive side: relentless right/left bickering!

Ever notice it all sounds the same? It’s always other guy who’s evil, stupid, hateful, and acts like Hitler. The other guy hates America, too. Face it. He’s a liar and a friggin’ racist.

It’s so much fun to unload with both barrels!

We cherry pick our data, conveniently ignoring anything that taints those with whom we agree. And for those with whom we disagree, well, we’re really good at posting their ugliest photos!

One thing about Trump and Sanders, like political Toto’s, they’ve exposed the controlling mechanics of both political parties.

“Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!”

Maybe it’s a tribal thing from way back, but we definitely buy in to the 2 party bitch slap! It’s never been more obvious than it is now on Facebook. I wonder whether the powers-that-be understand how addicted we really are. Wouldn’t it just suck if they knew how it keeps us distracted?

Clinton's, Bushes, & Obamas on AirForce1
Clintons, Bushes, & Obamas hanging out on Air Force One. Wouldn’t you like to know what they talked about.

Drain this swamp!

 ‘Corruption In Full Force’: Voter Claims There Were No GOP Ballots In Harlem

New York City Comptroller To Audit Board Of Election Due To Hundreds Of Thousands Of Polling Problems


Our current election process is a byzantine mess of old boy politics and time sucking paperwork, when all we really need is one click and one vote. Why is it that we can do all kinds of business on the internet; trade stocks, withdraw money from banks, pay off mortgages, and carry a rolling monthly at American Express for $5,000, but we can’t just vote?

The archaic system of delegates is another unnecessary complication. It’s 2016. Why is there a committee between you and your vote?

I call bullshit.

Insurers warn losses from ObamaCare are unsustainable…

Any “insurance” is a waste of time & money if the law says we treat everybody. You could be visiting from the Andromeda galaxy and if you stub your toe in the United States you have a right to be treated. Under the present system insurance companies are no more than 3rd party middlemen driving up the cost of your healthcare by 25%. But don’t look for any politicians to take on the insurance industry.


That’s right. They won’t do a damn thing until the public figures it out. Tell a friend.

Mr. Trump: “Tear down this bullshit!”

Eviction laws favor tenants and low life scammers over owners. I’ve been there and it’s time for a change. There’s nothing to prevent some sleazy opportunist from moving in with no intention of paying. Then, watch as they use the courts to waste everyone’s time and money. He may be a little crazy, but a President Trump would fix this crap.


National Geographic’s new series- The story of God.

Typical TV executives: Just because Morgan Freeman played God in a couple of movies, they assume you think he knows something about it.


Enough of the same old re-hash. Here’s some real info:

(originally published 3/18/16)

On Divine Intervention:
It describes a God who ends up like the little boy in the Dutch story, Hans Brinker, sticking his finger in the dike to fix the cracks in his creation. The more contemporary science reveals about the Universe, the more we see an elegant creation, a seamless rollout of emerging systems and increasing complexity from the chaos of the Big Bang. In our case it’s developed into sentient beings sitting around thinking about it!


There are those who make the case against human evolution by citing a lack of fossilized evidence, which is fine, but ignoring 15 billion years of Universal progress seems short sighted to me. This mindset reminds me people who think Aliens cruised Roswell in 1947. The idea that ET came trillions of miles and then leaked gas and oil all over the New Mexican desert before crashing and burning is profoundly depressing. It doesn’t say much for the Future, just as Divine intervention doesn’t say much for God’s transcendent sophistication.

Einstein put it succinctly: “Subtle is the Lord, though not malicious.”


Sympathy for the Devil

Evil Politics… (originally published 3/31/16)

For someone who has “no chance” of getting the Republican nomination, or beating female Hillary in the general election, there seems to be a real bipartisan effort to take down the orange haired demon.


His abortion stumble is exactly what I like about Trump. He obviously doesn’t give a rip. It doesn’t take a genius to figure he doesn’t want to waste time fighting about gay rights either, or whether there’s a racist under every bed. That swampland is better suited to Ted and Hillary, who jack up their bases with the same old rancid meat, as if that’s the way forward in 2016.


Face it. We love boogie men, and although I’ve got nothing against cheap highs, they rarely solve my long term problems. When some wag wrote “Trump 16” on the sidewalk at Emory University, students freaked. Why not? It’s been all Hitler all the time for months. A week ago that fake pic of Trump supporters in busty white T-shirts photoshopped to say “Make America White Again.” popped up on my FB feed. I gave the lady who posted it a heads up that it was fake. Her response?

“Well, it’s obvious he’s a racist,”

I replied, “Apparently whoever made it doesn’t think you’re smart enough to recognize the “obvious” when you see it.”

Why do I doubt that triggered a serious epiphany?

We revel in remedial bullshit, we excel at emotional manipulation. Hypocrisy? That’s someone else’s dog. One of my FB gfs came to Carly Fiorina’s defense by calling out Trump as a misogynist, concluding he couldn’t get laid with a fist full of 20’s.

In the mean time, over the last 35 years, the United States has outsourced millions of jobs to places like China, India and Mexico while we’ve in-sourced 15 million low skill workers, and neither political party has done a damn thing about it.

This fall one thing’s for sure. Regardless of who wins, we’ll get the government we deserve.                                                                              

Let’s have some sympathy for the freakin’ Devil.