3 thoughts on ““Podcast” #11”

  1. Joe! I’m glad I found your crummey website and look forward to listening to all of your podcasts from here on out. Sadly, only the most recent podcasts (3/7 onward) will play. I’ve really missed hearing your evil thoughts for many a year. I am a long-time fan. I met you once when my son and I picked up our copy of your brain tumor video at the KFI studios.

    I look forward to hearing more!

  2. Thanks James- and Thanks for the technical heads up- My “podcasts” will be official podcasts soon. I will tell u how to subscribe and then they will automatically come to your inbox.

  3. Roger that! When I first discovered your blog I signed up for the RSS feed but nothing ever showed up. I guess it hasn’t been all set up yet. I will definitely sign up once it becomes available.

    Thanks Joe!

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