A Bridge Over Yesterday’s Waters….

An FB friend, John Mainelli mentioned that Paul Simon’s off-key, haggard performance yesterday seemed to be a metaphor for something, but he wasn’t sure what.


Here’s the metaphor and it applies to both parties:

Paul Simon went out and sang the same old song we’ve all heard for decades, but It’s 2016, and many of us have changed. The notes are flat, tedious, and uninspired.

Trump, even with all his bullshit, represents a crack in the system. It would be as if one of the musicians in Simon’s band went rogue and riffed a few power chords into Bridge Over Troubled Water.

And speaking of the band… Bernie Sanders was actually holding a guitar, but he went over and turned off his amp after Hilary said she would let him hit the deli platters for the next 4 years.


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