What? Me worry?

I’ve been asked, as one who supports the Orange Haired Demon, if I’m worried. Recent presidential polls show Hillary 10 points out in front, and people want to know if that bothers me.


It does not.

You may have seen video of documentary filmmaker, Ken Burns and his commencement address at Stanford University last Sunday. If not, it’s easy to find.

It’s heralded as a blistering take down, a righteous slap in the face. Burns used his entire speech to kick Trump’s ass. He called him an “insult to our History,” He went on to take the predicable shot at Trump’s financial success, which I find amusing since the average tuition at Stanford University is roughly $65,000.

Lost upon Mr. Burns, and apparently upon those who cheer him on, is their arrogance.

Was this political rant appropriate for a commencement address? Was it not presumptuous to presume that all the graduates and their families shared his views? If he did think he was preaching to the choir, so-to-speak, then why was it necessary?

It reminds me of the Editor’s Note now appearing at the conclusion of EVERY Huffington Post Trump “report” reminding us that he’s a racist AND a misogynist. It’s as if they’re worried their writers condemnations aren’t sufficiently articulate, or maybe it’s that their readers are too stupid to get it.


Herein lies the panic. The Left is self indulgent, busy jacking off to political porn, flailing away at their ultimate boogie man. He exists in their minds as a clear and present danger, an existential crisis largely of their own making, which is not rooted in reality.

To this extent, whether they identify as Democrats, Republicans or whomever, they are incapable of understanding Trump’s legitimate appeal. They are locked in a spiral of deep denial which pretty much guarantees they will continue to underestimate Trump at every stage of the process.

I have no idea how the election will turn out, but I do know the old war inspired trope, that you never hear the bullet that takes you out.

And btw: If you want to watch a really inspiring Stanford commencement address:



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