Evil thoughts on Orlando

The problem is complicated, and so is the solution.

One group is more interested in blaming the availability of high powered weapons, the other is more interested in counterterrorism, and distinguishing between the gun and its user.

The reality is they’re both good points, it’s just that each time something like this happens we report to our battle stations to fight the same pointless battle all over again, as if the other side is completely crazy.


Actually, 6 of the top 7 mass murders in the United States were committed by someone who was mentally unstable. This calls for expanding the list of people prohibited from buying weapons. It means more government intrusion, but even that is no guarantee.

Another virulent strain of gun violence is by radicalized Muslims, carried out in places like Fort Hood, San Bernardino, Paris, and now in our worst domestic incident, Orlando.

Trump is right, the United States has every reason to scrutinize muslim refugees, and to be concerned about their assimilation into our more modern, open system. The time has come to confront the political correctness which seeks to intimidate us from promoting the merits of American culture, which would be a departure from the Obama administration’s apologetic foreign policy stance.  Destruction of ISIS is important too, as they serve as further inspiration to those who live here.

Unfortunately, there are many motivations for murder- some racial, some homophobic, the list goes on. Hillary could remove every single AR-15 from the United States and it wouldn’t stop the killing, but that’s no reason to make it easy for would be perpetrators going forward.


While keeping everyone completely protected is unrealistic, we can make ourselves safer. It’s possible, but we’re going to have to understand that one way or the other, a one dimensional fix isn’t enough. This calls for a departure from our current system of binary thinking, where if one side is right then the other must be wrong. We hold our solutions hostage to 2 political parties, locked in an endless struggle for power.


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