Evil thoughts on that racist bastard!

There are a number of people, generally on the Left, but not necessarily, who are so invested in Trump as a racist, that they are missing the true nature of his appeal. The extent to which they are satisfied writing him off as a racist will correlate to the amount of faked outedness they are likely to experience this Fall on election day.

For over 50 years the United States has been developing a culture of political correctness. Initially it was a completely reasonable response to our history of racial injustice, but like so many trends, it’s gone too far, and the time is ripe for a reality check.


Victim status, once so eloquently illuminated by the Civil Rights movement has, over time morphed into a new system of double standards applied to any person, place or thing that is perceived to be dominant. That would include the United States as a country, its institutions, its culture, its dominant religion, Christianity, or even the evil White Man himself. According to this mindset, the whole world is a predatory scam, and payback’s a bitch.


It’s a major reason we can’t control our borders, it’s a major reason our public schools are incapable of discipline, it’s reflected in how we prosecute hate crimes, and it affects how we hire and fire people.

Affirmative Action was a bold step in the right direction when President Kennedy signed the first Federal legislation in 1961, but with it we sowed the seeds of more division. God forgive our imperfections, but there’s only so long we can protect the Civil Rights of one group by denying those of another.

Trump is the first candidate to confront the double standards of political correctness head on. Those who dismiss him merely as a racist would like to rest easy, seduced by the emotional shorthand of yesterday’s obvious social injustices. Going forward though, they may be in a big surprise come this November.

9 thoughts on “Evil thoughts on that racist bastard!”

  1. Most all of us crave candidates who will say something solid. Most don’t for the very reason we see witnessed here. Right or wrong Trump speaks his mind. And every word is not pre-cleared through a political speak oscillator…obviously. When Trump talks about building a wall between us and Mexico he’s talking about the influx of illegal immigrants, particularly the dangerous and violent kind. So his spin doctor antagonists regurgitate his words into negative sloganeering. Add to that a double standard. Do the very questionable economic acts and practices of the Clinton Foundation get the same scrutiny and public scrutiny Trump, his empire and his current legal battles deal with daily? I think not. Where was Hillary when abused women were coming out of the woodwork railing charges against her husband? On and on.

  2. Rich-
    Speaking of astute, nice job!
    Trump is a pain in the ass, but he’s blowing up business as usual and politically correct double standards. Somebody’s got to do it. We’re freakin’ lucky he’s out there.

  3. What works so well for Trump…his lack of PC talk also works against him. Minorities and ladies are going to be necessary (at least 30-40% or so) to win this (and any) election. So while Trump appeals to many with his speech he hasn’t come close to mastering where the “line” is with the American public if he’s serious about winning this election.

    The guy has done a lot right and is fascinating…but I don’t think he was serious about winning until a few months ago. It amazes me how much the public turns a complete blind eye to his phony republican status all because “he says things the way I do.” It’s such an acting contest this year…worse than any year previous…(that I can remember) which is saying something because it’s always an acting contest. I just can’t believe people really think either Trump or Hillary have their best interest at heart.

    How did we get here? Who can I blame for this?!

  4. Mr. H- You’re right. Trump is hardly your traditional Republican- Had Hillary been one, he could have just as easily run as a Democrat. That’s what I like though, Trump has little interest in being ideologically pure. So many, especially conservative talk show hosts are losing sleep trying to get him to check off each and every issue that fits their traditional template. I look forward to a Chief Executive who brings 35 years of business skills to the Oval Office, and so exactly how he’s going to govern is of secondary importance to me.

    It’s a mad world! lol.

  5. I agree with you! Miss you on the radio in the NYC area. Where can I listen to you these days?

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