Both of them are worthy of Shakespearean characterization, but Trump’s the one you want to look at right now. Here’s a guy who’s held absolutely no political office running for the Presidency. Right there I like it.


The day he announced he looked uncomfortable and I figured if he was just playing he wouldn’t look so vulnerable. Whenever people would ask me if I thought he was really serious I’d always mention that.

Ive never seen a candidate work so much off the cuff and without a filter. Once during the Primaries, Trump was campaigning in some god forsaken place. He took the mic and said what politicians have always thought but never say.

“Do you think I really want to be here?”

God, that was funny. Trump’ll say anything. Remember this punchline?

“Only Rosie O’Donnell!”

That was probably the best quip in the whole campaign and everybody laughed because it was genuinely funny. I’ll bet Trump got most of his Democratic votes right there. It’s possible he could run again in four years but tonight’s the night.

They’ve called Hillary Clinton Lady MacBeth, but if Shakespeare wrote books he easily could have written one where the main character has to risk the one thing upon which he’s built his reputation. In order to succeed he has to risk losing.

Tonight’s vote is the next Chapter.

Evil thoughts on the eve of the election

As the underdog, I’m sitting pretty. Trump was never supposed to win this. He didn’t come up through the ranks, which is what corrupts them, turning out the sterile, empty (pant)suits we’ve come to expect. If he loses… no big deal. America stays the same.

If he wins it would be a huge Brexit style kick in the establishment’s pants, a shot heard to Mars and back.


The Republicans and Democrats will freak. Like Sylvester Stallone and Hulk Hogan in Rocky III, they need each other as sparring partners, feeding on each other’s corruption.

The Media will experience their own 911. Broadcast TV and Cable will wonder whether they’ve lost control to online social networks.

Trump, the politically incorrect rogue might use the bully pulpit to actually get something done.

For 25 years HRC’s been one of the most well known figures in the United States. If 2016’s her turn I’m OK with it. There are others who are watching and if not now, then it will surely happen in the future. Godspeed, Donald Trump. Thank you for your service.