See no Evil

Given the limitations of my basic TWC service, my evening TV choices are largely limited to Network woo-hoo shows, some smelly guys on a New England fishing boat or Don Lemon on CNN. Last night’s dinner topic was Donald Trump’s African American outreach efforts.

Trump’s been saying things have never been worse, specifically inner city “education,” gun violence, and high unemployment, which oddly enough is exactly what the Left is always complaining about, but coming from an evil republican, Lemon acted insulted as if the Black community had suddenly morphed into the Huxtables. He concluded by lecturing us about “listening” which is the height of irony, considering he has no interest in listening to Donald Trump.

Then good ship CNN drifted into other treacherous political waters, playing some audio from Hillary Clinton, who emoted just the right amount of exasperation concerning the police shooting yesterday in Tulsa Oklahoma.

“This has got to stop!”

With so many of these incidents the Left and the Media systematically report to their racial battle stations. I like the way they usually start out by saying the cops shot an unarmed man, implying cop guilt, which is easy for them to say from the comfort of their air conditioned studios after the fact.

Apparently, we have another case where the deceased was ignoring police commands, this time walking away from cops and reaching inside his vehicle. To the extent that justifies the use of deadly force, we’ll have to wait and see, but it is amazing to me this information is largely ignored because it doesn’t serve the Left’s political agenda.

The cost, of course is the further erosion of Authority, increasing the likelihood that someone else will choose to fight or resist with the usual lethal consequences. It’s a wound that will not heal, and it will never ever get any better until someone steps up and has the balls to demand some honesty from an unbiased Media.

That would be worthy of a woo-hoo from me any time, day or night.