I think it’s great Trump’s pushing back against Khizr Khan, who made the case that his son, who died fighting as a U.S. Army officer in 2004 never would have been in the United States had Trump been President. It’s a bit of a stretch since it’s 2016, and in light of the growing number of ISIS related killings, all Trump has said is that we should consider banning Muslim immigrants until we’re confident we know who they are.


FBI Director Comey’s recent testimony before the House Homeland Security Committee didn’t exactly fill me with confidence especially regarding Syria. “We don’t have a rich set of data,” which means that if we don’t have you in our system, we don’t know who you are, and apparently there are a lot of people who fall into that category.

None of this matters to the politically correct. If your son dies in combat you’re obviously a victim, but they think that inoculates you from any criticism whatsoever. There’s no dissent allowed, which means we can never have an honest debate, and they’re fine with that.

I’m not.

Take a look at the 7 moms who were paraded in front of the cameras at the Democratic Convention. They were all presented as evidence of racist cops and gun violence. Who would question grieving moms?


Michael Brown’s mom was there, unfortunately President Obama’s DOJ found that the cop that shot him did so in self defense. Sybrena Fulton, the mother of Trayvon Martin spoke, too. Once again, the DOJ found no civil rights violations in his case. Eric Garner’s mom was also there. Her son resisted arrest, which is a common thread in a number of these incidents. The struggle ended up costing him his life, but the cop who wrestled him to the ground was not indicted.

Cleopatra Cowley Pendleton’s daughter was shot in Chicago, but her friends wouldn’t cooperate with the police so they never got a description of her killer.

Maria Hamilton lost her her son, a paranoid schizophrenic, but again the authorities ruled the shots were justified. Lucy McBath grieved over gun violence. Her daughter Jordan Davis, was indeed shot, but it wasn’t by a cop. It was a software engineer.

Geneva Reed-Veal¬†spoke as well. She’s the mother of Sandra Bland, who committed suicide in her jail cell. No cops were charged with her death and it has also come to light that she was mentally unstable.

All of this is deliberately misleading. Our politicians are gutless. Hillary stood up and said we need to have a conversation about race. Really? What’s stopping her? It’s the same thing that stops everybody. We don’t want a conversation about race because we’d have to be honest when it comes to minorities, and that’s not something we’re prepared to do.


Blacks have historically been victimized in this country, and according to the rules of political correctness, they cannot be judged or held to the same standards as, say a 70 year old white guy from Queens, N.Y.¬†This failure to deal with reality, whether we’re screening for potential terrorists, or dealing with street crime is only going to guarantee more of it.

I have no idea how this latest shit storm is going to play, but going forward one thing’s certain. If George Stephanopoulos asks Trump what he’s sacrificed, Trump should point to the altar of political correctness upon which he is being pilloried on behalf of millions who insist on living as cowards in their shortsighted little dream world.