A Bridge Over Yesterday’s Waters….

An FB friend, John Mainelli mentioned that Paul Simon’s off-key, haggard performance yesterday seemed to be a metaphor for something, but he wasn’t sure what.


Here’s the metaphor and it applies to both parties:

Paul Simon went out and sang the same old song we’ve all heard for decades, but It’s 2016, and many of us have changed. The notes are flat, tedious, and uninspired.

Trump, even with all his bullshit, represents a crack in the system. It would be as if one of the musicians in Simon’s band went rogue and riffed a few power chords into Bridge Over Troubled Water.

And speaking of the band… Bernie Sanders was actually holding a guitar, but he went over and turned off his amp after Hilary said she would let him hit the deli platters for the next 4 years.


It’s the Premise, stupid.

The Media assumes it’s all about race, even as the officer maintains that he was threatened by the gun in Castilo’s lap. The officer isn’t speaking of course, but Diamond Lavish Reynolds is, and the Media revels in it. Racism sells.

Last night I watched CNN’s Don Lemon emote gobs of warm and friendly compassion for the family of Philando Castilo. He spoke in hushed tones with like minded commentators about this latest rash of racial hate crimes committed by the police against African Americans. This, of course while ignoring the officer’s side of the story.

Then, as 5 cops are killed in Dallas, the Media pivots and describes that in hushed and somber tones as well, as if they haven’t been active participants in this gratuitous one-sided distortion in the first place.

Our political leaders are worthless. Moments ago I watched Hillary with Wolf Blitzer. She called for more training, imposition of Federal standards, and more Peace, Love and Understanding. Hell, she should run with Ringo Starr.

Donald Trump isn’t any better. He’s working off a prompter, carefully navigating through the racial minefield reading politically correct words his professional handlers have written for him. Looking just below the surface though, his latent rogueness is the actual reason he has a chance this Fall.

The system is rife with double-talk and cowardly bullshit.

No one challenges the premise.  What Don Lemon, the Media, and our political elites are unwilling to say is that we don’t know whether the shooting in Minnesota was racially motivated. All we have is the word of “Diamond Lavish Reynolds” pictured here drinking a bottle of whiskey while behind the wheel.

Diamond Lavish Reynolds

In these days of photoshop, any picture is suspect, and we are right to give her the benefit of the doubt until we can determine its authenticity.

What’s amazing to me is that we do not extend that courtesy to the police officer.