Lawyers in the Mix

Did Led Zeppelin rip off the riff for Stairway to Heaven?


Listen and learn!


Here’s a link to the story:

Led Zeppelin ‘Stairway’ Trial Goes to Jury as Both Sides Plead Case

Speaking of the band Spirit, I just remembered another cool song they did: I Got a Line on You. Here it is on You Tube.


We used to play songs like this as DJs in training at the Philips Exeter Academy’s radio station, WPEA. Our mixing board was the Gates Studioette Console, and I recall nervously waiting for the cold ending when it was time to open the mike! lol

What? Me worry?

I’ve been asked, as one who supports the Orange Haired Demon, if I’m worried. Recent presidential polls show Hillary 10 points out in front, and people want to know if that bothers me.


It does not.

You may have seen video of documentary filmmaker, Ken Burns and his commencement address at Stanford University last Sunday. If not, it’s easy to find.

It’s heralded as a blistering take down, a righteous slap in the face. Burns used his entire speech to kick Trump’s ass. He called him an “insult to our History,” He went on to take the predicable shot at Trump’s financial success, which I find amusing since the average tuition at Stanford University is roughly $65,000.

Lost upon Mr. Burns, and apparently upon those who cheer him on, is their arrogance.

Was this political rant appropriate for a commencement address? Was it not presumptuous to presume that all the graduates and their families shared his views? If he did think he was preaching to the choir, so-to-speak, then why was it necessary?

It reminds me of the Editor’s Note now appearing at the conclusion of EVERY Huffington Post Trump “report” reminding us that he’s a racist AND a misogynist. It’s as if they’re worried their writers condemnations aren’t sufficiently articulate, or maybe it’s that their readers are too stupid to get it.


Herein lies the panic. The Left is self indulgent, busy jacking off to political porn, flailing away at their ultimate boogie man. He exists in their minds as a clear and present danger, an existential crisis largely of their own making, which is not rooted in reality.

To this extent, whether they identify as Democrats, Republicans or whomever, they are incapable of understanding Trump’s legitimate appeal. They are locked in a spiral of deep denial which pretty much guarantees they will continue to underestimate Trump at every stage of the process.

I have no idea how the election will turn out, but I do know the old war inspired trope, that you never hear the bullet that takes you out.

And btw: If you want to watch a really inspiring Stanford commencement address:


Evil thoughts on Orlando

The problem is complicated, and so is the solution.

One group is more interested in blaming the availability of high powered weapons, the other is more interested in counterterrorism, and distinguishing between the gun and its user.

The reality is they’re both good points, it’s just that each time something like this happens we report to our battle stations to fight the same pointless battle all over again, as if the other side is completely crazy.


Actually, 6 of the top 7 mass murders in the United States were committed by someone who was mentally unstable. This calls for expanding the list of people prohibited from buying weapons. It means more government intrusion, but even that is no guarantee.

Another virulent strain of gun violence is by radicalized Muslims, carried out in places like Fort Hood, San Bernardino, Paris, and now in our worst domestic incident, Orlando.

Trump is right, the United States has every reason to scrutinize muslim refugees, and to be concerned about their assimilation into our more modern, open system. The time has come to confront the political correctness which seeks to intimidate us from promoting the merits of American culture, which would be a departure from the Obama administration’s apologetic foreign policy stance.  Destruction of ISIS is important too, as they serve as further inspiration to those who live here.

Unfortunately, there are many motivations for murder- some racial, some homophobic, the list goes on. Hillary could remove every single AR-15 from the United States and it wouldn’t stop the killing, but that’s no reason to make it easy for would be perpetrators going forward.


While keeping everyone completely protected is unrealistic, we can make ourselves safer. It’s possible, but we’re going to have to understand that one way or the other, a one dimensional fix isn’t enough. This calls for a departure from our current system of binary thinking, where if one side is right then the other must be wrong. We hold our solutions hostage to 2 political parties, locked in an endless struggle for power.

Keeping it real

“Killing Lincoln” is part of my son’s summer reading for his AP History course this Fall. Reading the book- the events seemed so real, yet so distant from Los Angeles.


We found this house at 5353 Virginia Ave in Hollywood. It was owned by the actor Joseph H. Hazelton, who witnessed Lincoln’s assassination at Ford’s Theater April 14th, 1865. He went on to a career in silent films, and in 1933 at 80 years of age he recorded a radio interview where he mentioned his home address. The house was not hard to find. I wonder if the owner knows the history?

He’s wrong about the WTC, but right about Pot.

Jessie Ventura told CNBC today that if pot is legal then we don’t need all these restrictions. He has a point, but he goes on to make the usual mistake.

“Yes, let’s tax it, let’s make money off of it…”


images      Here’s a shocking suggestion:

How about a legal activity the government DOESN’T tax?




Evil thoughts on that racist bastard!

There are a number of people, generally on the Left, but not necessarily, who are so invested in Trump as a racist, that they are missing the true nature of his appeal. The extent to which they are satisfied writing him off as a racist will correlate to the amount of faked outedness they are likely to experience this Fall on election day.

For over 50 years the United States has been developing a culture of political correctness. Initially it was a completely reasonable response to our history of racial injustice, but like so many trends, it’s gone too far, and the time is ripe for a reality check.


Victim status, once so eloquently illuminated by the Civil Rights movement has, over time morphed into a new system of double standards applied to any person, place or thing that is perceived to be dominant. That would include the United States as a country, its institutions, its culture, its dominant religion, Christianity, or even the evil White Man himself. According to this mindset, the whole world is a predatory scam, and payback’s a bitch.


It’s a major reason we can’t control our borders, it’s a major reason our public schools are incapable of discipline, it’s reflected in how we prosecute hate crimes, and it affects how we hire and fire people.

Affirmative Action was a bold step in the right direction when President Kennedy signed the first Federal legislation in 1961, but with it we sowed the seeds of more division. God forgive our imperfections, but there’s only so long we can protect the Civil Rights of one group by denying those of another.

Trump is the first candidate to confront the double standards of political correctness head on. Those who dismiss him merely as a racist would like to rest easy, seduced by the emotional shorthand of yesterday’s obvious social injustices. Going forward though, they may be in a big surprise come this November.

More  politically correct nonsense sending Trump to the White House.

Nely Galán                            imgres

She’s the former President of Entertainment at Telemundo

Nely uses the term “undocumented.” Here’s why:

GALAN: “Well, you know, that’s like saying I like this minority, but not that minority.”

No, it’s not.  Illegal refers to your legal status, not your ethnicity. That’s why they call it …. il-legal.

It’s weird. It’s like political correctness requires you to get stupid. #idiocracy