Social Disease

Political correctness is when something is true, but we’re not allowed to say it, so I get a kick out of the criticism that Donald Trump likes hot babes in bikinis. As if men don’t like hot babes in bikinis, as if most women wouldn’t like to rock the socks off a bikini.

imgres               A fabulous flick I’m sure!

The push back against rampant political correctness is one of the reasons the Orange Demon has a real shot at the White House.



I’m at my desk avoiding political posts on Facebook. The Orange Demon is still pissing everybody off and I like that, so he doesn’t need my help today.



I had a request to play Blackbird. It’s a cool song for a number of reasons, one of them being you only need a singer and an acoustic guitar. The original had a click track, vocal overdubs and some bird sound effects, but most of the time McCartney just stands and delivers.

It’s also the only song where I even fake finger picking.